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Web3 Enabler: Revolutionizing Enterprise Payments in Salesforce as the First Web3 Partner.

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The App

What is Web3 Enabler?

Web3 Enabler is an Enterprise SaaS Company in the Salesforce Ecosystem that brings Web3 Payment Data into a company's Salesforce installation, allowing companies to accept Stablecoins, Central Bank Digital Currencies, or other Cryptocurrency payments alongside Credit Card, Wire Transfer, and other standard payment methods.

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Accept Digital Payments Today, Right in Salesforce

Digital payments range from new cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, to more mundane stablecoins tied to the Dollar or Euro like USDT, USDC, EUROC, and EURT. Web3 Enabler let's you accept all of the coins you want, and none of the coins you don't want. Whether you are selling luxury goods to Bitcoin Whales in BTC or using USDC for cross-border payments in LATAM, Web3 Enabler has you covered. Web3 Enabler is an affordable AppExchange App, with no transaction fees. We're wallet agnostic and only use your public key, so your crypto is safe from us. Your staff uses the normal Salesforce interface they are accustomed to, without requiring retraining for your staff. Embed wallet connection and payment links in Salesforce Templated Emails with normal Flows. 100% Salesforce, 100% Web3.

How it Works 

Web3 Enabler is a subscription-based payment and invoicing solution that allows you to use cryptocurrencies (and Stablecoins in particular) to get paid by your customers directly from your CRM or your accounting software.

Blockchain technologies offer lower transaction costs and faster settlements than Credit Cards, Wire Transfers and ACH Transfers.

Major companies and governments start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies.

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Our Partners

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Web3 Enabler for Salesforce

Available Now!

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218 NW 24th Street, 2nd Floor 

Miami, FL 33127

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